LikeLib is a community-based open source blockchain project that uses blockchain technology and digital identities to digitize and informatize assets; use smart contracts to automatically manage assets and information to achieve a diversified network of “smart economy”. The ecosystem joins the major communities around the world to participate, and isRead More →

DeFi( decentralization finance) heat lasted a whole year. DeFi locked value rose from $2 billion in July to $11 billion in October, Throughout July and August, A number of DeFi Token appreciate more than 5-10 times. DeFi projects are popular. And this summer, NFT markets have also seen explosive growth,Read More →

Community based DEX, Tunaswap is on a mission to build the next dynasty on Tron chain. A development by top fin-tech company’s high-tier management who believes in decentralizing the world, Tunaswap project was born. Being able to do multiple swap-pair at lighting fast speed and low transaction fee, Tunaswap usesRead More →