Nov 11 2020 , the world’s first application of ecological chain block for the field of education, “Education Block Chaining ( EBC )” formally launched, the number of international financial organizations, educational institutions, and a high-end R & D team, Join hands to create a new chapter in the development of education. EBC bringsRead More →

Have you ever been proud of being an American citizen? Have you ever felt sacred for casting a solemn vote? Have you ever taken the oath of office for every president elected by the people and felt the hope and glory God bestowed on America? Yes, whether you believe in God or not,Read More →

When people think, God laughs. Trump will definitely win this election. No reason is needed, just believing. In order to avoid being labelled as a god-stick, I will talk about Eastern Zen Buddhism. When Master Bodhidharma taught the Dharma, he said that “no words are directed at people’s hearts”, pointing out thatRead More →