As the world’s strongest privacy blockchain, every move of AOS privacy public chain has attracted industry attention. Today, AOS (Anonymous Operating System) officially released the version 2.0 development plan. In the new released development plan, a number of industry hotspots and innovative technology concepts have emerged, involving cross-chain, cryptography computation, new finance, smart assetRead More →

YmerChain AMA on Coinvalue community was held on 12pm UTC , 9th January 2021,Ymer Global Community Contributor-Harvey Clooney was interviewed as a guest,following is AMA recap,have a look: Lovely (host) I welcome you all to today’s AMA,My name is lovely I’m co founder of Teamcore and CoinValue AMA series manager. WeRead More → (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of Cudos (CUDOS) under the trading pair of CUDOS/USDT on January 12th, at 9:00 a.m. EST. Cudos is a global computing network providing a trusted multi-chain layer-two oracle to power decentralized financeRead More →

XBlush Magazine cherishes originality and respects expression. It is a pioneering Chinese media that focuses on independent art, fashion and social phenomena. YuRan,the founder of XBlush Magazine, With a senior fashion media background and a forward-looking international perspective.  Excellent fashion theme planning ability, rich real-time shooting experience, maintain long-term high-qualityRead More →

Attack and defense conversion between danger and opportunity constitutes the theme of the third-party payment industry this year. The stable acceptance environment becomes fragmented, the payment transaction flow is interrupted, and the paying agency service deployment undergoes the most difficult winter throughout history when just easing from the strict managementRead More →

The industrial circle and academic circle have begun to realize the importance and value of Blockchain payment security, and have carried out active exploration now. However, the current Blockchain payment is still in the early stage of industrial development with systematic study lacked. PayYoda analyzes the Blockchain payment security demandRead More →