Regardless of whether booming from speakers of a music festival mainstage or into the headphones of millions of listeners worldwide, the music of Swedish whiz DJ, maker, musician, and helpful Tim Bergling—known best by his stage name Avicii—is broadly considered to have always adjusted the trajectory of the Pop kind.Read More →

The present Doodle praises Brazil’s Independence Day or as it’s known in Portuguese, Sete de Setembro (September Seventh). Referring to the book, Linha do Tempo do Design Gráfico Brasileiro, London-based visitor craftsman Arthur Vergani outlines a vintage stamp from Brazilian design history to interpret the colors and significance of theRead More →

The present Doodle observes Labor Day, a federal holiday in honor of the indispensable role of the U.S. workforce. In September 1882, the first unofficial celebrations of Labor Day occurred as thousands paraded in New York City’s Union Square. Today, the holiday is seen on the first Monday in September-Read More →

Happy Birthday, Sergei Dovlatov! The present Doodle praises the 80th birthday celebration of Russian journalist and author Sergei Dovlatov. Both at home and abroad, Dovlatov caught the contemporary experience of Soviet citizens and dissidents in his masterful yet irreverent writing—regarded among the most persuasive and generally read Russian literature ofRead More →

Happy National Day, Vietnam! The present Doodle observes Vietnam’s National Day, a public holiday celebrating the country’s assertion of independence on this day in 1945. To celebrate the day that made current Vietnamese life conceivable, the Doodle craftsmanship portrays the Southeast Asian country’s quốc kỳ or national flag. On theRead More →

The present Doodle commends the 138th birthday celebration of Polish inventor, doctor, and immunologist Rudolf Weigl. He created the first effective vaccine against epidemic typhus—one of humanity’s oldest and most infectious diseases. On this day in 1883, Rudolf Stefan Weigl was brought into the world in the Austro-Hungarian town ofRead More →

New Project 33

It is customary that each generation passes many things onto the next. Sometimes it’s through spoken word. Sometimes it’s through things that we find out but were never told. Fourteen-year-old Trinity grew up visiting a small town in Vermont where her grandmother lived. This town is on edge, the PigmanRead More →