Brave’s new tool allows you create and share your own search rankings

Brave’s new tool allows you create and share your own search rankings

Don’t worry if you worry that the typical web search engines may be biassed; Brave believes it can be of help. Brave Search, which is no longer in beta, now has a beta Goggles feature that let users to specify their own search ranking criteria. For example, you can modify a “politics” query to narrow the results to blogs rather than the big news media.

Simply conduct a search and press the “Goggles” button to create, alter, or use other people’s rankings. Thus, you won’t necessarily need to spend much time honing your outcomes. To more consistently surface the websites it visits most frequently, a community may potentially share Goggles.

The tool is being promoted by Brave as a counterbalance to the algorithms used by Google and Microsoft’s Bing to favour some search results over others. These more powerful search engines claim to be prioritizing reliable information sources and assisting users in finding relevant content, but Brave believes that Goggles can help to mitigate biases built into the technology of its major rivals.

As a result, the feature could have both benefits and drawbacks. While this can make it easier for you to uncover obscure websites or opposing viewpoints that are typically hidden in traditional search results, it might also promote thought bubbles where you only see information that supports your already thoughts. You might need to use Goggles carefully to prevent creating an echo chamber, just as with the rest of the internet.

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