Armenia Independence Day 2021: Google doodle celebrates this public holiday, also known as Ankakhutyun

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Situated in the mountainous, Caucasus region where the Asian and European landmasses combine, Armenia commends its Independence Day on the 1991 anniversary of the nation voting in a countrywide referendum for sway.

The present Doodle praises this public holiday, otherwise called Ankakhutyun, with a portrayal of the national tricolor flag.

Designed by Armenian lexicographer, educator, linguist, and philologist Stepan Malkhasyants, every component of the banner addresses the Armenian public and its landscape.

The red stripe at the top addresses Armenian perseverance, freedom, and its highland regions; the blue stripe in the center represents their endeavors to keep up with life under serene skies, and the orange stripe at the bottom signifies the resiliency and creativity of the Armenian people.

Happy Independence Day, Armenia!