Apple service centres can replace the Studio Display’s ‘built-in’ stands, According to reports

Apple service centres can replace the Studio Display’s ‘built-in’ stands, According to reports

According to a report, which cites confidential Apple papers, workers at Apple Stores or Authorized Service Providers will be able to modify which stand is attached to the Studio Display. Despite a caution on Apple’s “Buy Apple Studio Display” page, which says that you have to choose a stand at the time of purchase, as they’re “built-in” and “not interchangeable,” this appears to be the case.

The Studio Display comes with three different stand options from Apple. Without spending anything more, you can obtain either the conventional stand with tilt adjustments or the VESA adapter for mounting the display to third-party arms. A height-adjustable stand from Apple will set you back $400. Apple claims you have to chose when you buy the monitor, but according to MacRumors, you’ll be able to pay to upgrade the stands later if you change your mind or get a new desk layout.

Apple has yet to react to The Verge’s request for comment on the accuracy of these reports.

With the Studio Display, discrepancies between what Apple says and reality appear to be a frustrating pattern. The monitor’s power cable is said to be non-removable on Apple’s “Important handling information for Apple Studio Display” website, although The Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and YouTuber Linus Tech Tips have already proved that it can be removed. (Though, in my opinion, that shouldn’t detract from the fact that making a monitor with a supposed-to-be-fixed-in-place power line is extremely inconvenient.)

Currently, Apple’s display service and repair page does not mention the rumoured application that will allow you to replace the stand on your Studio Display. The price “will vary based on the region, the type of stand or mount being installed, and the cost of labor,” according to MacRumors, and the kit to make the adjustment won’t be available online, so it’s unlikely we’ll see actual numbers on Apple’s website. They will keep a watch out for any public announcements from Apple that this is an option – in the meantime, you’ll have to go to your local Apple Store and ask whether they can make a stand change if you need one.

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