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Annual Foot Traffic Flat Marathon on Sauvie Island represents sprinters from across the US

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Runners broke out their tennis shoes for a unique Fourth of July custom on Sunday.

It was the yearly Foot Traffic Flat Marathon on Sauvie Island. It’s known as the flattest and quickest half and full long distance race on the west coast. There are additionally some quite extraordinary perspectives for sprinters.

Contenders say there was a positive energy out Sunday, particularly following a time of terminations in view of the pandemic. There were 2,000 spots open, and the day’s race was totally reserved.

What’s more, it’s difficult nothing to joke about here in Portland – sprinters from the nation over went to contend.

“It was a beautiful race. It was my first marathon and I just had the best time, everybody was super supportive,” said Shelly Skelly, a runner from Alaska.

“I have it on my bucket list to run a marathon in every state, so this is my ninth state,” said Minnesota runner Hannah Poppin. “It felt awesome, running is such a community thing, so it was really good to be out there with all the runners again.”

After the race wrapped up, sprinters had the option to chow down on some Fourth of July top picks, as new strawberry shortcakes and wieners.