Amazon provides Alexa a new iOS widget and the ability to assign reminders

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Amazon has refreshed the Alexa application on iOS so you can get to the voice colleague directly from your home screen by means of another gadget. Everybody can utilize the assistant to remind specific members to remember your household to do tasks through a new “assign reminders” skill.

Because of the to some degree restrictive nature of the widgets on iOS, the new Ask Alexa gadget isn’t so much Alexa itself as it is a connection straightforwardly to the iOS application. Be that as it may, in the event that you have the Alexa gadget put on any of your screens and you’ve effectively given the Alexa application permission to utilize your iPhone’s mic, you’ll have the option to begin making demands with a tap.

What’s more, presently those requests can get a smidgen more granular. Amazon’s enabled Alexa to assign suggestions to specific members from your household on the off chance that they have a Voice Profile set up on a similar Amazon Alexa account. So on the off chance that you say “Alexa, remind Jeff to take the lasagna out of the freezer at 10AM,” Alexa will actually want to convey the suggestion to the ideal individual, at the ideal opportunity, through the Alexa application. You can add profiles to your Alexa account in Settings under Your Profile, and Amazon says you can dole out relationship epithets to every one, similar to like mom, dad, daughter, and so forth

Alexa gets new features and abilities consistently, however Amazon likewise declared plans in June to open up Alexa considerably further to third-party developers. Among numerous new APIs, engineers will actually want to make custom widgets for the Echo Show.