According to reports, Spotify is removing 11 original podcasts

According to reports, Spotify is removing 11 original podcasts
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Spotify’s marketing of podcasts may be slowing down. How to Save a Planet, Crimes of Passion, and (in the second quarter of 2023) Horoscope Today are among the 11 original podcasts the streaming service is reportedly discontinuing from its Gimlet and Parcast studios, according to a TechCrunch source. Less than 5% of Spotify’s podcast workforce will be laid off as a result of the cancellations, while some employees may switch to other podcasts.

The business stated that it doesn’t comment on personnel changes. According to the source, as part of the restructuring, Spotify appointed new managing directors for Gimlet and Parcast. The Ringer and Spotify Studios are still in place.

This is the first time Spotify has simultaneously removed several podcasts. The service is reportedly removing failing shows to enable it focus on full-fledged exclusives, ranging from current hits like Batman Unburied through to upcoming projects, according to the purported insider, who didn’t know the precise explanation behind the change.

If true, a pruning effort like this is expected. There are over 500 original and exclusive podcasts on Spotify, but not all of them will necessarily attract large audiences. The approach may not only assist Spotify in refining its focus but also reduce costs at a time when many digital firms are either limiting new hires or mass-firing employees.

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